Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? 

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For one of our assessments at uni we have to develop a character from The Wizard of Oz into a high fashion look with creative hair and makeup. When selecting my character I knew I wanted to do either the Wicked Witch or Glinda the good witch, I really liked them both as a child. I decided to opt for Glinda, as I felt I could push my creativity a little more with her. My interpretation of Glinda is a really ethereal, dreamy, otherworldly being, so I wanted to reflect this in the makeup and decided to make the main focus the skin.

 As you can see I have gone for a really paled down yet luminous base, with the brows and lashes lightened with concealer to add an almost alien feel to the look. The key products I used were  Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora and  MAC Silver Dusk (I think this has been discontinued? Please correct me if I am wrong!). I am really happy with how this turned out and I have a good starting point to work from!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Rebecca x


“I myself, am strange and unusual” 

I love the movie Beetlejuice so much and pretty much wanted to be Lydia Deetz when I was younger, so I had to create my own version of her for halloween! Eyes using Illamasqua Neutral Pallette, MAC eye shadows in Omega, Brun and Embark, Contour using Benefit Hoola bronzer and MAC eyeshadow in Brun, Lips using MAC Taupe lipstick. I kind of want to wear this every day, I may develop it into a more wearable look.

What do you think?

Rebecca X 

I’ll get you my pretty…..

So I had planned on doing 7 days of Halloween makeup during the build up to the big day, but I was so poorly with wisdom teeth problems yesterday I couldn’t bare to touch my face!

Anyway, in keeping with the recent Wizard of Oz theme we have been focusing on at university I decided to do my own version of the Wicked Witch of the West, kind of glammed up with contouring, eyebrows, the works!  

I used face paint mixed with foundation for the base, next time I think I will try something different as it stayed so wet and was really difficult to set!

Let me know what you think! Do you guys have any suggestions of Halloween looks for me to do? Also I really need to get a camera so any suggestions would be amazing, I can’t rely on iPhone selfies forever!

Rebecca x

Echoes of Oz: The Big Event!


We did it!
Echoes of Oz has finished and it was truly a pleasure to be involved on such a great event!
As you all saw in my last big post I spoke about the initial designs we created for each character as individuals We then as a group chose different aspects of a few of those designs to create one final design for each character which are here:

unnamed (1) unnamed (4) unnamed

unnamed (3) unnamed (2)
Pretty cool huh!

Then came the fun!

unnamed (7) unnamed (6)

11219232_10203643344762482_1043184167986880936_n 12106818_10203643344362472_3949142982902211111_n

unnamed (5)


12108983_10203643313881710_4747137415754024927_n 12118844_10203643342442424_3592683657791016667_n
Overall the weekend was a success for us, we managed to get all the performers done in plenty of time and they all looked fantastic. On the Sunday our tutor was unable to be with us, which at first was a bit worrying, but we managed to pull together as a team and get everyone done in less than half an hour, and, for me anyway, it ended up being the most enjoyable day.

Again here is the link to the organisers Irregular Arts and their Facebook. They did a fantastic job of helping everyone celebrate how great Bradford really is!

Rebecca x

Photo credits: Thalia sparrow and Natashca Schnieden

Face casting 

Ooh I do love a good face mask!

Just kidding! That lovely gunk on my face is silicone and I’m about to have my whole face casted!

Life casting enables SFX artists to create prosthetics that will fit the individual client. I’m not gonna lie here, it was not a pleasant experience AT ALL, but I feel it was a necessary to go through so I can empathise with any future clients I may have to subject to this!

So this is the first stage of a very long process. As you can see the entire face including the eyes and the mouth (don’t worry, the nostrils are left uncovered!) is covered in casting silicone to capture all the details, every pore, wrinkle and hair will show once it sets and is removed. Then a couple of layers of plaster bandage are added to strengthen the cast. It gets really hot and really heavy so it is important to check on your model to make sure they are ok!

I’m really enjoying SFX this year, I feel we are getting a real taste of the industry and are  getting more and more technical. I’ll post as the cast develops, we have a lot more to do before it is ready for sculpting!

Rebecca X

Echoes of Oz: There’s no place like Bradford!


Hey everyone, after a long summer of working at my day job A LOT I am finally back at uni and they have got us straight back at it!
Our year has been asked to design some of the makeup for this event in Bradford next weekend. The weekend, quite obviously has a Wizard of Oz theme and is intended to show the world how wonderful Bradford really is! There will be light shows, flash mobs, a ruby slipper slide, and more, but most importantly for us, performances by people from the local area dressed as characters from Oz. We have 100 children from local schools as Munchkins, 100 teens from local dance schools as Emerald citizens and a group of 30 teenage boys on bikes at the Flying Monkeys!
We are designing the makeup for these 3 groups as a whole, taking our own individual ideas and combining ones we, and the artistic director for Irregular Arts (the company producing the event), Jenny, like the most. After our first meeting with Jenny we narrowed down our initial ideas and were given key words to help us with our second designs:

Munchkins: Fun, Childlike, Quirky. Key colours: Red, Green, Yellow, Brown

photo 2 (4)
Using snazzaroo face paints and brushes.

Emerald Citizens: Sophisticated, Pretty, Happy. Key colours: Green, Red/Pink, Silver.

photo 3 (5)

Using snazzaroo face paints, glitter, brushes and sponges.

Flying Monkeys: Scary, tribal, warrior. Key colours: Blue, red, black.

photo 1 (3)

Using snazzaroo face paints and fingers.

I do not like my munchkin design, especially the eyebrows, I will experiment with different colours and shapes. I do like my flying monkey, I feel it fulfills all points of the brief and whilst somewhat resembling a monkey due to the mouth. I think my Emerald Citizen is good, although the cheeks could me a little sheerer and I could have maybe been a little more creative. Most importantly all the designs took less than 10 mins to complete, which will help massively since we have so many faces to paint in such little time!
Now we will take these designs and take the most preferred qualities from them all and decide 1 final design for each group, which I will of course post here!
Let me know what you think of the designs!
Rebecca x

Echoes of Oz Facebook Page:

Irregular arts Facebook Page:

Kiko mini haul

I have been intrigued by Kiko since a store popped up in Leeds, and after seeing makeup queen Val Garland big up their mascara in an interview with Sali Hugues (here– warning, hardcore makeup porn!).

I happened to come across a store when in Pisa, with huge ‘SALDI’ signs on the windows, so I just HAD to have a nosy! (Saldi means sale by the way, my Italian is on point after holiday, or not!)

I didn’t pick up as much as I wanted to as I became a bit overwhelmed with how busy and hot it was, even with glorious air-con, but I did get some absolute gems, although I did forget about the mascara I wanted!

I am really into skin care at the moment, so I picked up Instant Perfection,  which is a serum described as a “smoothing and destressing fluid” which promises “an energizing and matifying touch to leave your face looking fresh, smooth and perfect, with a refined and compact skin texture”.

I also picked up 3 of the Smart Lip Pencils in shades 702, a summery coral, 710 a deep berry tone and 715, a violet shade, and a Smart Eye Pencil in shade 800, a lovely light golden colour.

 L-R, Eye pencil in 800, Lip pencils in 702, 710 and 715.

I love all these products so far, especially the lip pencils, they are so soft and creamy, making them a dream to apply. I like to apply them all over the lip for a matte finish, and the 710 shade is a close match to two of my favourite lipsticks, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry and  Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry almost perfectly!

 L-R, Revlon Black Cherry, Kiko Lip Pencil, Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry. 

I’m impressed with the brand so far, and am looking forward to trying some more products, and picking up that mascara!

Have you tried anything from Kiko?

Rebecca x