Beauty Queens of the Golden Globes 2016!

It’s awards season again! That wonderful time of year filled with glitz, glamour and quite a lot of tears. The golden globes this year was no exception, and brought a lot of lols including this moment (awkwarrrrd). Here are are a few of my favourite makeup looks from the red carpet:

 So first up is Lady Gaga, This whole look from the hair to the makeup and the dress and accessories just screams old school Hollywood glamour and it suits her so much. Bravo to MUA Sarah Tanno and the rest of the team, Gaga looks gorgeous.

I pretty much always love Rooney Mara’s makeup up and here she is with a bold brow and berry lips…. Surprise surprise; I am a fan. What I really love here is the hair. It is so different from what you would usually see on the red carpet and Mara pulls it off perfectly.

Another AHS babe Angela Bassett is giving me major brow envy. Her makeup is absolutely flawless! I just love how glowing she is, I love her hair, I love her dress, I love her!

Here she is, my absolute girl crush Emilia Clarke. I love how understated yet still glamorous she looks here. That simple smokey eye is just perfect. Oh and her brows are a m a z i n g (If you didn’t get the memo I bloody love a good brow).

I could honestly go on and on but this post would just get ridiculous and go on forever, but other makeup looks I lurrrrved belonged to Katy Perry, J-Lo, J-Law, Amber Heard, Olivia Wilde and Laverne Cox to name a few!
Who’s makeup did you love at the Globes? Tell me in the comments below!
Rebecca X

Images taken from


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