Facial postiche


So for the first assessment this (academic) year at uni we had to create a false moustache, which is legit one of the most difficult things I have ever done!!

The technique used to create various types of Postiche (false hair) is called knotting, or for you lovely American readers, ventilating!

Experimenting with knotting!

To cut a very long and complicated story short, you basically tie strands of hair to a very fine lace net. The amount of hair you use and how you space the hair depends on how thick you want your hair piece to be.

I found this image at makeup-fx.com that explains the technique better than I ever could:

 Fiddly, huh! 

To create the moustache you must first create a stencil of the intended mo’ wearer’s mouth and nose, so you know what size to make the ‘tache. You then draw the outline of the moustache onto the stencil and cut it out. Draw around the moustache shape into black card and cut that out, sellotape it to a board. Pin on your lace and you’re good to go!

You then knot and knot and knot until your moustache is complete! Then, if needed you add lift to the hairs using moustache tongs (that totally look like some sort of medieval torture device) and then you trim the hairs to the lengthy you want them to be!

To create this ‘tache I knotted 2-3 hairs in each hole in alternate rows.

Here is the finished look:  

The model is my wonderful boyfriend Lee who earned himself major BF points by letting me do this to him!

Our characters had to be our own interpretation of the wizard from The Wizard of Oz. Since the wizard is infact not a wizard at all and actually just a guy behind a curtain with smoke and mirrors and all that jazz, I chose to make my character a con-artist-come-salesman. Sort of like an old school snake oil salesman, selling something completely useless.

I think I have achieved my desired look, and Lee definitely looks untrustworthy. I originally wanted to do a chevron style moustce but as I was trimming away at it I went for a more walrus kind of moustache which I think was a better choice for my character as the lips were hidden, for some reason this make him look very suspicious!

Makeup wise I used MUFE Ultra HD foundation mixed with a little moisturiser,  Nars Creamy Concealer and MAC Prep and Prime Traclucent Powder. I went a little heavy on the powder, and if I were to do this again I would probably thin out the foundation more or use a lighter base like MAC Face and Body.

I really enjoyed this creating this moustache and developing a new skill and hope to be able to use this in future. I’m feeling the need to make false colourful eyebrows so watch this space!

Rebecca x


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