Echoes of Oz: The Big Event!


We did it!
Echoes of Oz has finished and it was truly a pleasure to be involved on such a great event!
As you all saw in my last big post I spoke about the initial designs we created for each character as individuals We then as a group chose different aspects of a few of those designs to create one final design for each character which are here:

unnamed (1) unnamed (4) unnamed

unnamed (3) unnamed (2)
Pretty cool huh!

Then came the fun!

unnamed (7) unnamed (6)

11219232_10203643344762482_1043184167986880936_n 12106818_10203643344362472_3949142982902211111_n

unnamed (5)


12108983_10203643313881710_4747137415754024927_n 12118844_10203643342442424_3592683657791016667_n
Overall the weekend was a success for us, we managed to get all the performers done in plenty of time and they all looked fantastic. On the Sunday our tutor was unable to be with us, which at first was a bit worrying, but we managed to pull together as a team and get everyone done in less than half an hour, and, for me anyway, it ended up being the most enjoyable day.

Again here is the link to the organisers Irregular Arts and their Facebook. They did a fantastic job of helping everyone celebrate how great Bradford really is!

Rebecca x

Photo credits: Thalia sparrow and Natashca Schnieden

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