Face casting 

Ooh I do love a good face mask!

Just kidding! That lovely gunk on my face is silicone and I’m about to have my whole face casted!

Life casting enables SFX artists to create prosthetics that will fit the individual client. I’m not gonna lie here, it was not a pleasant experience AT ALL, but I feel it was a necessary to go through so I can empathise with any future clients I may have to subject to this!

So this is the first stage of a very long process. As you can see the entire face including the eyes and the mouth (don’t worry, the nostrils are left uncovered!) is covered in casting silicone to capture all the details, every pore, wrinkle and hair will show once it sets and is removed. Then a couple of layers of plaster bandage are added to strengthen the cast. It gets really hot and really heavy so it is important to check on your model to make sure they are ok!

I’m really enjoying SFX this year, I feel we are getting a real taste of the industry and are  getting more and more technical. I’ll post as the cast develops, we have a lot more to do before it is ready for sculpting!

Rebecca X

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