Echoes of Oz: There’s no place like Bradford!


Hey everyone, after a long summer of working at my day job A LOT I am finally back at uni and they have got us straight back at it!
Our year has been asked to design some of the makeup for this event in Bradford next weekend. The weekend, quite obviously has a Wizard of Oz theme and is intended to show the world how wonderful Bradford really is! There will be light shows, flash mobs, a ruby slipper slide, and more, but most importantly for us, performances by people from the local area dressed as characters from Oz. We have 100 children from local schools as Munchkins, 100 teens from local dance schools as Emerald citizens and a group of 30 teenage boys on bikes at the Flying Monkeys!
We are designing the makeup for these 3 groups as a whole, taking our own individual ideas and combining ones we, and the artistic director for Irregular Arts (the company producing the event), Jenny, like the most. After our first meeting with Jenny we narrowed down our initial ideas and were given key words to help us with our second designs:

Munchkins: Fun, Childlike, Quirky. Key colours: Red, Green, Yellow, Brown

photo 2 (4)
Using snazzaroo face paints and brushes.

Emerald Citizens: Sophisticated, Pretty, Happy. Key colours: Green, Red/Pink, Silver.

photo 3 (5)

Using snazzaroo face paints, glitter, brushes and sponges.

Flying Monkeys: Scary, tribal, warrior. Key colours: Blue, red, black.

photo 1 (3)

Using snazzaroo face paints and fingers.

I do not like my munchkin design, especially the eyebrows, I will experiment with different colours and shapes. I do like my flying monkey, I feel it fulfills all points of the brief and whilst somewhat resembling a monkey due to the mouth. I think my Emerald Citizen is good, although the cheeks could me a little sheerer and I could have maybe been a little more creative. Most importantly all the designs took less than 10 mins to complete, which will help massively since we have so many faces to paint in such little time!
Now we will take these designs and take the most preferred qualities from them all and decide 1 final design for each group, which I will of course post here!
Let me know what you think of the designs!
Rebecca x

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Irregular arts Facebook Page:

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