Kiko mini haul

I have been intrigued by Kiko since a store popped up in Leeds, and after seeing makeup queen Val Garland big up their mascara in an interview with Sali Hugues (here– warning, hardcore makeup porn!).

I happened to come across a store when in Pisa, with huge ‘SALDI’ signs on the windows, so I just HAD to have a nosy! (Saldi means sale by the way, my Italian is on point after holiday, or not!)

I didn’t pick up as much as I wanted to as I became a bit overwhelmed with how busy and hot it was, even with glorious air-con, but I did get some absolute gems, although I did forget about the mascara I wanted!

I am really into skin care at the moment, so I picked up Instant Perfection,  which is a serum described as a “smoothing and destressing fluid” which promises “an energizing and matifying touch to leave your face looking fresh, smooth and perfect, with a refined and compact skin texture”.

I also picked up 3 of the Smart Lip Pencils in shades 702, a summery coral, 710 a deep berry tone and 715, a violet shade, and a Smart Eye Pencil in shade 800, a lovely light golden colour.

 L-R, Eye pencil in 800, Lip pencils in 702, 710 and 715.

I love all these products so far, especially the lip pencils, they are so soft and creamy, making them a dream to apply. I like to apply them all over the lip for a matte finish, and the 710 shade is a close match to two of my favourite lipsticks, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry and  Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry almost perfectly!

 L-R, Revlon Black Cherry, Kiko Lip Pencil, Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry. 

I’m impressed with the brand so far, and am looking forward to trying some more products, and picking up that mascara!

Have you tried anything from Kiko?

Rebecca x

5 thoughts on “Kiko mini haul

  1. Lovely post! I discovered Kiko on my recent trip to Europe, and think that this brand is absolutely amazing. They were having a 50% off sale on tons of their products when I was there. Feel free to check out my blog as I wrote a post about it 🙂

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