Wonder plant! 

I have returned from my holiday of sun, sea and sand in Sicily/Italy and I wanted to share an amazing discovery with everyone!

We were gifted Aloe Vera leaves by the man who organised our apartment for us (which was amazing by the way!) . I love products that contain Aloe Vera, I find them so soothing, so I was so happy to get the real, all natural deal!

As much as I slathered on the factor 50, I did indeed get sunburned (DO NOT fall asleep on the beach guys!). So I was desperate for something to calm my angry red skin!

Aloe Vera is known for its “healing” gel you find inside the leaf. It is used in lots of body moisturisers and after-sun creams due to it’s soothing properties.You can also drink the liquid from the plant to detoxify your body (I tried to drink some, it wasn’t for me) .

I squeezed a section of the leaf over my sunburn to release the gel and the relief was instant, it was so soothing and cool, I did this about 4 times during the night and the next day my horrendous red skin had faded and seemed more of a tan than a burn! I was amazed at how well the gel worked! I also tried applying the gel on a few mosquito bites, and although the healing wasn’t as instant as on the sunburn, it did help with the itching and over a few days my bites were almost gone!

I am so obsessed with the stuff I am now on the hunt for my own Aloe Vera plant for my home!

Here’s an interesting, fact filled blog post I found about Aloe Vera.

And since it would be rude not to, here are some snaps from my holiday!



Rebecca x

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