Creating a brand: business cards.

I was asked by illustrator and longtime pal Orlaith Conlon if she could design some business cards for me.

Business cards are a must have for any makeup artist, and are a great tool for advertising your work and can be passed to anyone you meet, friends, family, photographers, potential clients, potential employers… the list goes on.

It is important that your business card reflects YOU. Not just as an artist but as a person too.  I am not entirely sure of how I want to brand myself just yet, but I have created a board on Pinterest of business card designs, fonts and colours I feel would suit me.

You can see the pinterest board here!

And follow me on pinterest here!

I am excited to see what Orlaith comes up with, I have known her for a while and we like similar things so I am confident she will create something I will love!

I wanted to show Orlaith’s work, but I am unsure if she has a website/blog dedicated to it. If I find out I will be sure to share!

What do you like in a business card? How should a makeup artist brand themselves? Please share any comments in the section below!

Rebecca x

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