Edwardian assessment.

In media makeup this semester we are studying historical makeup. For one of our tasks at we had to create Edwardian hair and makeup looks suitable for television for both upper and lower classes. Period dramas are extremely popular at the moment, two of the most watched programmes of this genre are Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge.

Downton Abby was set in the Edwardian era for the first two series, and Mr Selfridge was set in the era in its first series.

I really struggled with this assessment, especially with the hair (as mentioned in a previous post!) and the first attempt at my lower class turned into a bit of a nightmare, I wasn’t having the best day and everything went wrong so I decided not to finish the look and try again a couple of days later.

When I came back to do my lower class assessment it could not have been any different to my first attempt, everything went well-including the hair!

So here are my images:

Upper Class:

Makeup was only really worn by the upper classes during this time, as it was quite expensive.  The desired look was natural, groomed and polished, so I kept the makeup very simple but still suitable for television. Foundation and concealer to perfect the base, eyes defined through the socket and the lash line so not to be lost on camera, and mascara was added to the top and bottom lashes. I HATE applying mascara to other people, it absolutely freaks me out, so my tutor has shared some top tips with me to make it easier for the client and myself- I’m sure I’ll bring that up in a later post!! I mixed a few lip products to create a natural shade, added a bit of Blushbaby by Mac to the cheeks which is lovely dusky rose shade and that was it! Hair wise I was inspired by the images from my earlier post about hair and I feel I created an authentic Edwardian style.

Lower class:

 As you can see, there is not much makeup used here, as typically a lower class Edwardian in a service role would not have worn makeup, but, because this is for television, foundation has been used to even out the skin tone, as has a small amount of concealer. I only lightly powdered the t-zone so not to provide a too matte finish. Brows and eyes and lashes have been subltly defined and I added some blush to give a “flushed” look and so the skin wasn’t washed out. For the lips I added some lipstick that matched my models natural lip colour with some Vaseline and patted it on to give the colour a bit of a boost. For the hair I created my own version of a hair tutorial on youtube by Vintagous here:

This provided a neat and tidy updo, perfect for a ladies maid, which is the look I was going for.

I was given lots of positive feedback from my tutor which really meant a lot to me, during this assessment I found myself questioning my abilities and wondering if makeup artistry is right for me. With a bit of practice and determination I got through my struggle and created great, believable looks.

I want to give an extra special thanks to Natascha for being my model, thank you for being so patient during my meltdowns and being generally awesome! (Check out her blog here: https://nataschaschnieden.wordpress.com/)

So what do you think if these Edwardian looks? Let me know in the comments below!

Rebecca x

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