The Great Contouring Debate

A couple of days ago, the fabulous beauty and skincare gurus, Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons slammed contouring on Instagram (Hirons actually named and shamed Sephora on her post) .

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Contouring is massive right now, made popular by Kim K, but are we going too far with it? 

Sephora’s Instagram shows how to’s of how to contour your lips and collar bones, and recently Kylie Jenner is said to have contoured her cleavage on  a trip to London. 

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Don’t get me wrong, I am AMAZED at the results “extreme” cream contouring achieves. It can really transform a persons face, is great for drag makeup and even photo shoots and for large stage theatre makeup. We touched on contouring during our theatre makeup assessment at uni and don’t get me wrong, I totally loved having a perfectly sculpted face… but I didn’t look like me!

I use bronzer nearly every day for my cheekbones and temples, whack a bit of highlighter on and that’s about all I do contour-wise. I don’t even really do it TO contour, more to give myself a healthy glow.

Are we really that insecure about the shapes of our faces we need to transform ourselves into a completely different person? Is all the extra makeup on our faces and the extra time taken to achieve this look really worth it?  As for the collar bones, to me that’s just unnecessarily creating another negative body image aspect.

I think Sali Hughes post summed it up for me, faces are different, the contouring craze seems to be turning everyone into Kardashian clones ( I sound like I really dislike the Kardashians, I promise I don’t!).  Embrace your individuality and your own beauty, your flaws are what make you unique.

And as Mr Francois Nars once said….

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What are your thoughts on the contouring trend at the moment? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments below! 

Rebecca x

One thought on “The Great Contouring Debate

  1. I’ve often wondered about this! I’m not opposed to contouring, whether to make my face slimmer or to bring attention to my eyes, but I do think we’re getting close to losing face shapes and leaning toward the “alien” face at times. I used to admire square faces for their jaws and round faces for their cheeks and so on, and I feel like we’re kind of losing that a bit. But trends come and go, so I haven’t worried to hard…yet…lol!

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