The struggle is real….. (With hair…..for me.) 

As a makeup artist it is often expected that you are able to dress hair in basic styles. This is especially important if you want work in film or television, as productions don’t usually want to fork out extra money for the two professions. There are SO many MUA’s about that CAN dress hair, so if you can’t, you’re not going to get the job!

I am really nervous TERRIFIED when doing hair. I get frustrated, panicky, even teary at times. I just hate it.

Me at the thought of doing hair!

So imagine my absolute horror when I am told that I have to do an upper class Edwardian era hair style as part of one of my assessments at uni!

If you are unfamiliar with the Edwardian period, it occurred between 1901 and 1914, during the reign of King Edward  VII (7th) and his son King George V (5th), up until the beginning of the first world war. Hair was so elaborate and beautiful, and ladies took a lot of pride in their big bouffants.

The television series Mr Selfridge and early series of Downton Abbey are set in Edwardian times, and give great examples of how the hair was worn during this period.

So yeah, I was pretty overwhelmed by the prospect of having to create such a hairstyle!

Firstly the hair needs to be set in heated rollers to help create volume. I had done this before and I think I’m quite good at this part, until the rollers come out…


I had a bit of a meltdown and a cry, but then my wonderful teacher Lisa came and had a chat with me, told me I COULD do it, to pull myself together and have a go and here’s how it turned out:

So the front needs a bit of work,it definitely needs neatening up, but I really like how the sides and the back turned out.

So I CAN do hair! I wanted to share this little story to show with a little bit of determination and confidence, you can do anything you set your mind to.

It sounds a bit ridiculous to say this on a post about hair, but I genuinely believed I could not do ANYTHING hair-wise at all. Doing well in this course means so much to me and this was a massive hurdle I managed to overcome. Hopefully this will inspire you to overcome any hurdles that come your way 🙂

Rebecca x

Kim K image from:

Edwardian hair image from:

Me Selfridge hair image from:

She believed she could so she did image from: Image from

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