Fashion assessment- Colour Theory


So I have my first image back from our fashion assessment at uni. The theme was colour theory and I chose the complimentary colours of purple and yellow. Lady Gaga fans might notice that I was inspired by many of her make up look throughout the Artpop era:

I love the how the look is really artistic, and the focus is on the colours other than anything else, the skin is completely flawless, and even the hair and clothing is kept simple to keep all eyes on the makeup.

Other inspiration:

I wanted to keep my model looking masculine, so I kept my design really simple. I used Mac Face and Body to even out his skin tone, did a touch of contouring and highlighting and defined his brows. I used Illamasqua eyeshadows and sealing gel to create the bright colours on the face, choosing to use more purple as it made more of an impact on his skin tone.

I love my final look, and I really enjoyed having it taken by a professional photographer, I haven’t done a photo shoot in a long time and I have really missed it!

Please tell me what you think in the comments!

Rebecca x

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