Old Age Makeup Assesment

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 On Thursday we had our first S/FX assessment- old age makeup. I was really nervous about this assessment as I hadn’t really practiced the look.

Old age makeup is created by stretching the skin, applying liquid latex, letting it dry, then letting go of the skin to create wrinkles. The skin must be stretched in the opposite direction to the way the wrinkle is, e.g, if you want the wrinkle to run horizontally, the skin needs to be stretched vertically.

I used Lauren for this assessment and studied her face before applying the latex to work out where she will have wrinkles when she ages. I decided to focus on the eyes and around the mouth as when she smiled and frowned as these are the areas that had more lines.

I really like my final look, and had great feedback from my tutor, who especially liked around the eyes (picture above) and said that that particular area was of professional quality! My colouring for the most part is good, however I messed up the vein on the right side of the face by the eye, as I made it too bright and too thick. I think my blending was good, but could have gone further down to the neck area and by the ears, but overall I feel I created a good realistic look.  If I were to do this assessment again I would pick a different character and maybe an older person in order to challenge myself more.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Next S/FX assessment is casualty simulation!

Rebecca x

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