Makeup for Television

 tv makeup 2

tv makeup 1

On Tuesday we had our first assessment in Media makeup which was basic make up for television. I did my assessment on Natascha who has such a good face for makeup. Make up for TV needs to accentuate features that could get lost on camera, especially the eyes, and lips, and also bring warmth to the skin that otherwise would appear washed out. I think my final look is good, I feel I have defined the eyes well and have a good balance of colour throughout the look. I found it hard to apply mascara to another person, this is something I will work on and try and find different methods to make it easier on myself and my clients. The feedback from my tutors was positive, but advised me not to be scared to add more colour to the cheeks and to add more to the lip colour to make it look a little less flat (which i did resulting in the above look). Below is a face chart and a list of products I used. I used a M.A.C template and developed it to create my own version, This is the first time I have tried to do anything like this and I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination! I will definitely carry on practicing face charts and will hopefully improve my skills (that contour-eeeek!).

photo (1)

So that’s it! Our first assessment done! Next up: Theater!

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