I love SFX

Well, I can honestly say I was never really interested in the special effects side of the industry…. until now!

Doing my Uni course has really opened my eyes as to how interesting and creative special effects makeup can be.

For our first semester we are doing SFX with character make up, and one of our tasks in this module is casualty simulation, so we are learning how to create all sorts of wonderfully gory things like what I have created below:


Isn’t it just lovely? I did this using liquid latex, foundation, red and black pencils, wound filler and of course fake blood. For a first attempt i think it looks pretty good! I feel i used a bit too much latex along the top as you can see in the picture and I’m still waiting for bits of my kit to arrive which would help make things look even more realistic but on the whole I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Now I’m off to go and practice making some vampire bites I have been asked to do for a friend for Halloween. I’ll be sure to post them and any other gory/spooky things I get up to over the holiday!

Rebecca x

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